Oil Change Strategy Every Service-Based Entrepreneur Should Adopt

Something very unique and clever happens during every oil change at the popular oil change centers around the country. Halfway through the process, the auto technician comes over with two air filters in his or her hand. One of them is brand new and the other is off-colored and dirty. At that point, it is impossible and futile to argue against the need to replace that filter. They got us. And they did not even have to use many words. This is a lesson for all service-based entrepreneurs. You need to be using more visuals in your communication, sales and conversion process. 

The human brain is wired for visuals. My geeky analytical nature is always asking why, and this was no different. I quickly found the answer after researching this topic extensively. We are wired for visual influence because we are wired for survival. Our eyes and vision keep us aware and sensitive to possible threats. This used to be in the form of wild creatures or environmental danger. Now it can come in many different forms. Our brains are wired to respond to visual stimuli. So don’t just tell them when you can show them

Posters, images, visual test results, graphs, slides, and videos are just some examples of visuals you can use to better communicate, influence, convert and sell. A study done in France took 54 wine connoisseurs and tested the power of sight on their senses. It is well known that when an experience wine taster is describing white versus red wine, completely different language is used. In this case, researchers took white wine and dropped red food coloring in the glass until the white wine appeared red. To the surprise of the researchers, every one of the 54 connoisseurs described the white wine as red wine. It had the same taste and smell, the only thing that was different was its appearance. This is the power of vision. Scientists explain that vision can distort every other sense and that visual perception is ten times more powerful than any other sense. 

Some startling facts about the influence of visuals

  • Around 50-80% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing such as vision, colors, shapes, movement, patterns, spatial awareness, and image recollection.
  • Visuals with color increase a person’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.
  • When you hear a piece of information, you are most likely to remember only 10% of it. Adding a picture rises the recall rate up to 65%.
  • Social media posts inclusive of images produce 650% higher engagement than text only post.
  • People follow directions with illustrations 323% more than directions with only text.
  • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.
  • It takes up to two times as long to process and recognize words.
  • Studies suggest we are 10 times faster at taking in image related information.
  • An MIT study published reports that stated we can understand the meaning of an image and only 13 milliseconds.


The greatest challenge that most service-based entrepreneurs have is explaining the full scope of benefits that their service and offer provides. Utilizing neuroscience-based strategies that influence every human brain is the key. Adding visual stimuli will decrease confusion, build trust, and deliver a perceived value that words could never offer. For better influence, conversions, and collections, use more visuals! If you want help customizing your offer with visuals for greater impact that generates more revenue, apply for our 1-on-1 coaching offer on our website. 

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