I Took My 7 Year-Old Horse Riding This Weekend and… Here’s the Influence Lesson I Learned

I Took My 7 Year-Old Horse Riding This Weekend and… Here’s the Influence Lesson I Learned

I Took My 7 Year-Old Horseback Riding this Weekend…

One Key Element of Riding a Horse Applies to Having Greater Influence and Conversions in Life and Your Business

Over the weekend, I took my daughter horseback riding for her 7th birthday. This was only my second time on a horse. The first was last year at the same time (my middle daughter loves horses). These animals are large and amazing. If you don’t already, one thing you should know about me is that I can be a pretty analytical guy. I credit that with growing up as the middle child of eight kids. I had to think about things before I spoke.

As I’ve grown older, it’s helped me think about why things work or how things came to be. It sometimes drives my wife crazy, but she now realizes that it is one of my unique God-given gifts that helps me serve so many of my clients and build successful businesses. In this case while mounting this big horse, I quickly thought about how many pioneers, country men, and warriors helped make the world what it is today through the help of these animals. I think everyone should ride a horse on a regular basis. 

My horse’s name was Jelly.

They gave me the toughest horse because I apparently looked like I had the most riding experience. Jelly is the horse that does not like to interact with other horses. She is fine with people, but when she gets too close to the other horses, she likes to bite and kick. So my job was to be in the back and stay “socially distanced” away from the other horses.

Regardless of Jelly’s challenges, she was like every other horse. They want a rider that can control them. They respond to confident commands and aim to please. We ended up having a great time on the trail, up and down hills and through streams. I have an appreciation for these big beautiful animals and the relationship and value they provide. While riding Jelly, these were my thoughts about how this relates to influence and persuasion in any service-based business. 

Brain-Based Keys to Greater Influence that Few Leaders Know or Teach


1) Certainty – Be the expert. Don’t just talk about it, be it. Know your offer, what makes you different, and be able to deliver the goods. People want to be led by you.


2) Handshake and How You Carry Yourself – Greetings often start with a handshake. The brain of your buyer is constantly(and mostly subconsciously) assessing and judging your presence, poise, and confidence. Small cues guide that decision. Have a firm handshake. Be aware of your posture and how you carry yourself.


3) HygieneBe well groomed. Research shows that intentional grooming is the key to greater influence. Research shows that key elements can make or break your influence by the way you dress and groom yourself. 


4) Like-ability – People do business with people they like. Building rapport is key to creating like-ability. I use the F.O.R.D. acronym to remind me how I can build a connection. FORD stands for family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. I look for ways I can connect or relate with them based on their family, occupation, activities they enjoy, or future dreams they have.

5) Listen with your Eyes – Research shows that authentically listening to the needs of your customer increases oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the “trust” hormone and studies have shown that increases in oxytocin are a key ingredient to belief and behavior change with your prospective clients or patients.

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  1. Dr. Bob Pike says:

    Thank you Dan. I don’t ride but always remember the movie AVITAR. In the film the psychic connection btw humans and the horse is clearly portrayed. I have at least one patient who confirms that horses are very sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of their rider.

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