All Educated Service-Based Entrepreneurs (Don’t Do This)

All Educated Service-Based Entrepreneurs (Don’t Do This)

Many educated entrepreneurs fall into a dangerous trap.

They can’t communicate well and it puts a ceiling on the success of their business and influence. First off, they go to school and get a degree. This is great! But the problems arise when they open a business and continue communicating to their potential clients, customers or patients the same way as they have been with their professors and peers. Their analytical brain prevents them from influencing and impacting the way they could and should.

This problem is most prevalent in more highly educated professionals. They believe that the key to business success is to sound intellectual so that people will want what they are offering. This is not the case. Research shows that the primal brain is the primary decision-maker. This means that rational “evidence-based” information will not change the minds or behaviors of our buyers. And the primal brain does not even respond to language.

There are 2 key ingredients you must include in your communication immediately to get better results in the new economy.

Dr. Dan Sullivan - Influence, Persuasion, Selling
The first quick key to better communication is telling more stories.

This may sound crazy, but it will absolutely transform your communication. Studies show that stories increase the trust hormone oxytocin. An increase in oxytocin builds empathy, trust, and significantly influences “buy-in”. But not all stories are created equal. I created the “Impact Story Formula” to help you uncover, formulate, and deliver your story with impact.

The other quick key to better communication is simplifying the message.

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.” Most educated entrepreneurs have been led to believe that they can influence, convince and convert a prospective client or patient with their intelligence or rational explanations. Again, this is not true. But it’s a trap many business owners find themselves in and spend too much time on the struggle bus constantly trying to get ahead when they should be killing it. If this is you, there is a way out and an opportunity for financial freedom while fulfilling your purpose.


The most successful entrepreneurs are the best communicators.

Like it or not, it is the cold hard truth. If you tweak the way you communicate, you will begin to revolutionize your influence, conversions and collections. If you want my help to transform your communication and conversion process, go to my website and find out if you qualify to apply. (

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