5 Resources To Implement Immediately When Starting A Business

5 Resources To Implement Immediately When Starting A Business

5 Software as a Service (SaaS) Companies Every Business Should Implement Immediately   

Launching your Brand is no easy task. Opening a wellness practice, business, website, etc. is not only a massive challenge but it’s a massive accomplishment. So right off the bat, I want to say congratulations for making it through the program. You’ve jumped through the hoops per se but there are many more to come. On Top Of 100% Committing to a domain name for your personal brand, You simply need these 5 key software services to truly start seeing results with your online marketing strategy.

These 5 software as a service companies are as follows:


1 ) Convert Kit 

Why You Need To Get It:

Many Email Marketing Services such as Convert Kit also act as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Within a CRM a marketer can place subscribers into different lists according to specific actions, conditions, or tags. This is how you properly market to your fan base. You have these tags so you don’t spam people the same offer they just purchased for example, alongside other reasons… 

When most people think of email marketing they think of “monthly newsletters” or basic “email broadcasting” while any true marketer’s mind instantly jumps to “Email Autoresponder”. This simply allows you to send emails out on auto pilot according to the settings you have previously inputted or tags that have been correlated to subscribers. These “Sequences” are the minimum expectation when searching for email marketing solutions. 

Why We Chose Convert Kit Over Competitors: 

Convert Kit offers autoresponders that are simple to use, affordable, and made with the marketer in mind. With a simple online dashboard and nice automation builder, you can connect to other lists, forms, and sequences. It truly helps to not only visualize the process, but do it in a way that doesn’t restrict your brains thought process and workflow. They also simplify RSS Broadcasting. This allows for saved time when updating people on new blog posts as you don’t have to write up a whole new email. You just scrape content from your blog and you have a nice foundational email to edit and update your fans with! 

Investment: Based on # of Contacts but Affordable and Perfect For When Just Starting Out



2 ) WordPress Engine

Why You Need To Get It:

WordPress is great for getting your website ranked via SEO. You want a home for all of your personal branded blog content that’s not a social media platform. That could be why roughly 30% of the internet uses wordpress. It’s a great content management solution that allows for automated backups, user permission roles, and what feels like endless add-ons / plugins… 

Why We Chose It Over Competitors:  

There are numerous hosting locations for a wordpress site. I would be lying if I told you wordpress engine is the cheapest solution but I believe I’m telling the truth when I say it’s the best value, especially if you are not that into computers, coding, nor cloud infrastructures.  

WordPress Engine is a wordpress hosting service focused on not having to worry about scalable growth. Their plans cover all the bandwidth you would ever need and their support team is amazing, not to mention available to help you 24/7. This is key for travelers or marketers who like working late at night. I use them for every client site that I set up, even if we decide to implement additional funnel software on the side….

Long Story Short, we chose WP Engine because of their quality 24/7 support team and their scalable bandwidth that doesn’t restrict growth.  Their team always has your back, call it cliche but they are good at helping out! Other services with less bandwidth may work for your current amount of site traffic but if you implement one funnel and traffic goes through the roof you want to be prepared and know your site will not break. 

Investment: $350 / year



3 ) Textiful 

Why You Need To Get It:

It’s 2020 which means you need Text Message Marketing. With this software you can grab leads from having people text a simple 5 digit number and also send updates out to your list via text messages.

Why We Chose It Over Competitors: 

Simple user interface, easy to connect to other services, Affordable, and Integrates with the best services on market…

Investment: Based on # of Messages  



4 ) Review Wave

Why You Need To Get It:

To Better Yourself without hurting your reputation. We are all about personal development and brand development, however we don’t want constructive criticism from our customs to come in the form of a one-star review on Google.

Review Wave fixes this worry by asking customers for their review and feedback. If they rate you low, they find out why and give you the feedback so you can improve where necessary. If they leave a 4 or 5 star review, they get sent to Google to publicly post this!

Why We Chose It Over Competitors:

Simple & Effective Reputation Management

Investment: $199 / month

Manage Your Brands Reputation 


5 ) Funnels

Why You Need To Get It:

It’s one of, if not the best funnel builder on the market. You have probably already heard about it. If you actually implement this software properly it makes for quick funnel building, which allows for a quality lead generation strategy! They also integrate with ConvertKit listed above and offer checkout pages. Lead Gen. & Follow Up is Key To Everything. 

Why We Chose It Over Competitors:

It’s Simple, User Friendly, Offers Templates, Integrates with the best Autoresponder and Texting services. It’s simply the Best All In One Solution. 

Investment:  Simple “All In” Style Pricing  – $300 a month – Amazing Value 





This post was not meant to be full of fluff, but to give direct solutions to your marketing needs. Hope this post was of value. If you are not ready to act today, simply save These Links For Later…






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