If You Only Read One Article on Influence & Persuasion…This is It!

If You Only Read One Article on Influence & Persuasion…This is It!

 The 5 Basic Truths About Influencing Your Prospective Clients, Patients, or Customers. 

If you understand the simple wiring of the brain, you will be able to reproducibly influence with integrity in order to convert more, collect more revenue, and produce more profits. If you are  a service-based entrepreneur communicating with humans, these strategies apply to you. Your buyer’s behavior has changed in this new economy, but your buyer’s brain has not changed. Everything you want in life and business is on the other side of being able to communicate, influence and persuade. Utilize these principles and strategies to take your influence and business to the next level. 


  1. Self-Centered – Every brain is self-centered. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about survival. As an entrepreneur trying to influence and persuade people to something better, remember this key component of your buyer’s brain. Say their name often, it is the single favorite and most response-eliciting word in the world to them. Focus on the word “you” when communicating on videos, in talks, or 1-on-1. The brain is constantly seeing any new product, service, or offer through the lens of W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me?) By understanding this and directing your communication to address it, you will increase your ability to influence, persuade, and sell.
  2. Contrast – The brain needs contrast. Contrast is defined as the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. In today’s over-populated market and economy, you must be able to stick out. I do an exercise with the entrepreneurs I coach that help them uncover, realize and communicate their unique gift and passion with their messaging to an audience. The brain is attracted to that which is new and novel. There are easy and effective ways to communicate this. Attention is one of the most valuable resources on earth today. When you contrast your message in a simple way, the dopamine and cortisol channels open up in your buyer’s biology, making your message attention-worthy and attractive.

3)    Timing – The timing of when you communicate specific details of your topics makes a different. A famous movie producer once said, “Making a movie can be easy. Have an amazing opening and a spectacular ending, and then just don’t screw it up in the middle.” The brain is wired to better remember the first and last things that it encounters over a period of time. This is called “the recency primacy bias”. When building your message or conversion sales cycle, make sure that your opening and closing are most powerful and effective. 

4)     Visual – The brain is wired for visual stimuli. Eighty percent of the brain is visual, and visuals reach the ‘decision-making’ primal part of the brain 40x faster than it does to the rational brain. Make sure you use as many relevant and effective visual aids while communicating your sales pitch or conversion conversation. Posters, images, videos, objective tests are all great examples of visual aids that can be used to increase conversions. 

5)     Emotion – Research shows that emotion is one of the single greatest influence ingredients. If you want more influence and impact, you must adopt and learn to use more emotion in your communication. Emotion will help you break down objections and increase oxytocin. Oxytocin is the love and empathy hormone. And research has proven that a rise in oxytocin is arguably the single most important difference between messages that influence for income compared to those which are just “good”. Research shows that vulnerability is a key component to making an impact. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being transparent. Telling stories using my Impact Story Formula is one of the greatest strategies to influence emotion and create greater influence. Speaking about things you are passionate about will also give you a great advantage because it allows you to speak with greater tone and emotion. Look for ways to authentically and genuinely add emotion to your sales and conversion communication. This one tip can add multiple zeros to your income and impact if you apply it appropriately. 

If you need any help in applying any of these brain-based communication strategies, please let my team and I help. Visit and inquire for customized coaching at www.therealdansullivan.com to take your influence and income to the next level. 

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